Who are We?

We are a Mexican company, and since 2004 we have worked to create a chain of convenience stores, introducing the Hard Discount concept in Mexico.

We are dedicated to providing our customers wit top-priority products at the lowest price in the market, bringing service and support closer to home.

Our partners are Mexicans and foreigners, allowing us to work with a global vision and approach to sustaining quality in our operations.


The Hard Discount concept was originally conceived in Europe, with companies as successful as Aldi in Europe and Bim in Turkey, our predecessors.

The history of 3B in Mexico is young, but as successful as our predecessors. Since opening our first store in February 2005, our growth has been exceptional, with more than 200 stores now in the metropolitan area and with upcoming openings planned in Southeast Mexico.

Objective and Culture


To be the convenience stores chain with the best market prices in top-priority products.

To achieve this we look to:

  • Offer our customers staple products that satisfy their need for quality and price.
  • Increase our market share reaching its preference for our personalized service.
  • Provide fast, friendly service 365 days a year.
  • Simplicity of processes.
  • Act our principles, because they are part of our culture and more important that short-term profit.
  • Maintain a sustained growth through sustainable expansion proyects.
  • Negociate with our suppliers to have the best conditions, while taking care of your situation, ensuring that your business is successful.
  • Commit to personal and professional development of our team.
  • Work in a multifaceted and tolerant environment.