At Tiendas 3B we seek to support the economy of Mexican families, offering a wide catalog of products and foods from the basic basket of excellent quality at really low prices.

Know our products and make your smart pantry!

Guaranteed quality.

We collaborate only with suppliers and companies committed to the production of products of excellent quality at an excellent price, offering in every product quality 100% guaranteed. That is why we always reinforce our return policy:

If any product is not liked by our customer, we will refund your money 100% without a ticket and without questions. 

Drinks, sweets and snacks

At Tiendas 3B we strive to put different flavors on your table. This includes a diverse selection of soft drinks, natural, flavored or mineral water; Coffee and tea for your daily consumption.

Always thinking about your economy, in 3B Stores we strive to put different flavors on your table. This includes a diverse selection of refreshments; Natural, flavor or mineral water; Coffee and tea for your daily consumption. Also, we offer an extensive range of snacks and sweets for the whole family with our guarantee of quality and low prices all year round.

Prepaid cell phone minutes

Recharge your cell phone!

At 3B our customers can recharge their cell phone number at any of our branches.

Dairy and cold meats

Best quality guaranteed!

Thanks to a strict selection of suppliers we can offer fresh and high quality products. We have creams, milk, yogurt and different cheeses, especially those of our customers. Additionally, we offer a variety of light, dairy and whole milk. Our selection of cold meats and sausages offer the best taste, freshness and prices for all our customers.

Household items

Household Cleaning & Detergents

A wide selection of high quality brands at unbeatable prices can be found on the shelves of 3B Stores. We have constant tests from certified laboratories and a strict internal quality monitoring which ensures that all our articles can offer our customers the best option at home. In your Shop 3B you will find toilet paper, disposable napkins, laundry and dish detergents, cleansers, bleaches, among others; Everything you need to keep your house immaculate.

General merchandise

General merchandise

To complement the pantry of any customers of 3B Stores we offer you several items such as disposable plates and cups, fibers, candles, pet food, among others.


We are constantly searching for the best suppliers and strategies to reduce our prices without sacrificing our quality.

In 3B Stores you will find everything you need to set up your pantry. Our extensive line of groceries consists of: ?? Dressings and spices: We have dressings, tomato sauces, salt, spices and chicken consommés that will give everything necessary to highlight the flavor of the dishes. ? Flour Products: Maize and wheat flour, pasta soups, toast, flour for hotcakes and starches. ? Desserts: Powders to prepare jellies and custards. ? Grains and Seeds: Rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils and corn palm. ? Canned: Vegetables, canned fruits, refried beans, chilies and tuna. ? Breakfast: Foods that are generally consumed in the daily breakfast like coffee, cereals, eggs, bread and jams. ? Sweet Bread and Cookies.

Pay your services

We make your life easy!

At Tiendas 3B our customers will find pay your services; which will make life easier for any housewife.

Personal Hygiene

Personal care

Our customers can find in our stores all the articles for personal care and hygiene; Such as: soaps, fixatives, moisturizing creams, feminine towels and deodorants; As well as everything necessary for the care of babies like: diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, milk and food.

The history of 3B Stores in Mexico is young but successful as its predecessors, since the opening of its first branch in February 2005, its growth has been exceptional, already counting with 750 stores in the center of the country and future openings , With the sole objective of getting closer to our customers.


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