At Tiendas 3B, we love what we do and that’s It shown in the quality of our products!

At Tiendas 3B, we love what we do and that’s

It shown in the quality of our products!

We make sure that the “Bueno, Bonito y Barato” always arrive at your table.

We pay attention to every detail

At Tiendas 3B, every product is a promise of quality and we explore every detail to deliver on it.

We analyze everything from sensory attributes to color, smell and taste. Every aspect counts to give you the best experience.

But we don’t stop at our tests. To make sure everything is in perfect place, we collaborate with certified laboratories. They perform complementary analyses that help us maintain our high quality standards.

In this way, we guarantee that every product we offer you has gone through a rigorous certification process.

Special care for each product

Because you deserve the best! At Tienda 3B, we understand that all of our products require extra care. That’s why we test them daily to make sure they’re always fresh and delicious.

Our experts in biotechnology and biochemistry evaluate them for
Ensure that its taste and quality are always consistent.
So, on every visit to Tienda 3B, you can be sure that all our products are in perfect condition, just the way you like it!

At 3B Stores , we take pride in providing you with  the highest quality products and strive to understand your preferences. To achieve this, we constantly monitor and evaluate our products, identifying what you really want and offering you the flavors you like the most.


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