Privacy Policy


In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals (hereinafter “Law”), this Privacy Notice (hereinafter “Notice”) is issued in the following terms:


  1. “Responsible” of the Personal Data.

For purposes of this Notice, Tiendas Tres B, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter “Responsible”), located at Rio Danubio number 51, 2nd floor ,Cuauhtémoc, ZC 06500, in Mexico City; is “Responsible” for the collection, disclosure, storage , handling, use, transfer or disposal of personal data, ie, the processing of your data.

  1. Processing of Personal Data

The processing of the personal data you provide to us, such as: (1) identification data, such as: name, full name, home address, date of birth, nationality, occupation or profession, telephone (s), email, social security number, unique population registry code and federal taxpayer registry, marital status; (2) academic data, referring to your academic training, degree of preparation and specialization; (3) employment data, referring to your experience, training, specialization and job performance; and (4) sensitive personal data collected by the “Responsible”, such as medical questionnaires with illnesses or diseases, medical history of family members with illnesses or diseases, studies, credit and/or banking history, sexual preference, political and religious ideology, are used for the identification of risk in hiring, new designs or product improvements, market research. Unless you provide otherwise through the means described in this Notice; the above mentioned data are intended for the evaluation and recruitment of you as a supplier, customer and / or employee. In addition, the following purposes are necessary for the processing of your data.

Supplier: for the analysis and development of new services, styles and marketing channels, and in general, purposes related to the productive and marketing improvement of Tiendas Tres B, S.A. de C.V.

Customers: the attention and response to their requests, complaints and comments, as well as to perform statistical reports (monitoring) of people on the Internet Portal, as well as in Offices and Distribution Centers, that is, for the analysis and development of new products.


Employee: to place the candidate in the best job position according to their profile, verify if the candidate is viable to occupy the vacancy offered by the company according to the corresponding job description and candidate profile, have sufficient data to hire the candidate and use your information for strictly labor purposes, and provide a job (candidates), if the candidate is not suitable for the vacancy offered is also treatment to send their data to other companies to achieve locate it in a suitable job. In addition, the data you provide may be processed for:

  1. a) Let you know about new or improved products, as well as discounts, promotions, market research, sweepstakes, and in general, advertising derived from the service and products offered by Tiendas Tres B, S.A. de C.V.; and,


  1. b) To meet legal requirements that come from competent authorities.

In the event that the holder “opposes” to the processing of their information or part of this treatment may contact the responsible for protection of personal data of Tiendas Tres B, S.A de C.V. to Rio Danubio 51, 2nd floor 2, Cuauhtémoc, zip code 06500, Mexico City, expressing their refusal to the processing of personal data, except in the event that such treatment is essential to continue the legal labor relationship between the company and the holder. In cases of indirect collection of personal data, i.e., through the Internet portal, the holder has a period of 5 days to express its refusal to the processing of their data for purposes that are not necessary or gave rise to the legal relationship with the responsible.

III. Limitation of Use and Disclosure

The “Responsible” will maintain in strict confidentiality the personal data provided by you as holder and will implement the necessary security measures to safeguard them, prohibiting their unlawful disclosure and limiting their use to third parties.PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA Privacy Notice

  1. Means for the Exercise of the Holder’s Rights

In accordance with the “Law” and with this Privacy Notice, as Holder of personal data, you may exercise your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition (ARCO), as well as limit the use, disclosure or revocation of such data, from January 6, 2012, in person or by mail at the address mentioned at the beginning of this Notice, the means of reproduction available to the holder to exercise their rights ARCO are: simple copies and in electronic format; by written request1 containing:

  1. a) Full name of the holder of the personal data, address and email account with the purpose of communicating the response to your request.
  2. b) Documents proving identity (passport, voter’s credentials issued by the IFE and/or professional license); and, if applicable, those proving the legal representation of the owner, such as Power of Attorney, Power of Attorney, etc.
  3. c) A clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which the holder seeks to exercise any of the aforementioned rights.
  4. d) Any other element or document that facilitates the location of the personal data.
  5. e) For the request for rectification of personal data, in addition to the above, the holder must indicate the modifications to be made, as well as provide the documentation and proof that support the request.

In case of having sent the request by mail, the holder must request confirmation of receipt to the email, or by telephone at 01 (55) 1102 1200 on extension 236.

Once the holder submits his request in person, and the request is received, the Responsible will have 20 working days to issue a resolution, which will be notified according to the means preferred by the holder and which are established in the request. If the “Responsible” issues a resolution qualified as appropriate, either totally or partially, in a term of 15 working days said resolution will be adopted, that is to say, the necessary measures will be taken to comply with the exercise of the holder’s rights.


The terms indicated in the previous paragraph may be extended only once for equal periods when necessary, so in this case the “Responsible” must notify the holder by the means established in the request. The exercise of the ARCO Rights will be free of charge, however, if you reiterate your request in a period of less than twelve months, the costs will be three days of the General Minimum Wage in force in Mexico City, plus Value Added Tax, unless there are substantial modifications to the Privacy Notice that motivate new Requests for the Exercise of ARCO Rights. You must cover the justified shipping costs or the cost of reproduction in copies, compact discs or other formats.


  1. Transfer of Personal Data.

The “Responsible” will transfer the personal data you provide to:

  1. a) Business partners, Affiliated companies and subsidiaries of Tiendas Tres B, S.A. de C.V. internationally, in order to participate in surveys, market research and new products of Tiendas Tres B.
  2. b) Third party service providers for compliance with legal obligations acquired by the “Responsible” and / or its affiliated companies.


  1. c) Third party providers of research services, data analysis, and/or those third parties to which the holder expressly authorizes the transfer of information (personal and/or employment references).


In the event that the holder provides his personal data in order to participate in the recruitment and selection, that is, to apply for any job vacancy in Tiendas Tres B, S.A. de C.V. and/or its affiliated companies, subsidiaries and/or business partners, the holder must express his consent so that, in case of not being hired, the “Responsible” transfer his personal data to third parties seeking similar positions. Such consent must be indicated by the holder in the final part of this notice.


  1. Modification of the Privacy Notice


The “Responsible” reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Notice at any time, in the understanding that any modification to the same will be made known to you via e-mail provided by the owner of the personal data, and/or Notice on the Internet Portal

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